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All for the Gospel

Love these words from the Apostle Paul, "we put up with anything rather than hinder the gospel." I Corinthians 10:12c

We have the privilege of being a part of God moving in the hearts of others and sometimes it is terribly inconvenient. It is a great thing to ponder how many people were inconvenienced to share the Gospel with you? How many middle of the night prayers were offered up on your behalf by those who were burdened for you? How many times did people have awkward conversations with you about the Gospel that you resented and they felt the sting of your glare? How many times did you reject their offer to go to church with them?

I am right there with you....I did those things at times and at times I have been annoyed at giving up things for the Gospel...I am not proud about it, but being honest... sharing the Gospel means sacrificing... -my image, which may result in me looking like a fool to the world -my privacy, when we share the Gospel our lives are on display...and that can be scary -my time, typically sharing the Gospel involves being available However much we give up for the Gospel, we reap tenfold the fruit of seeing lives around us changed by Jesus. I have shared this before, but whatever inconveniences there are in this ministry, there is nothing this side of heaven that could fill our hearts with more joy than seeing a chapel full of campers on their knees giving their hearts to Christ. And those of you that have been part of this ministry at Mt. Gilead by prayer, by financial support or volunteering...your sacrifices bear much fruit. To God be the Glory. Great things HE has done!

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