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Flood Routes


Green Valley Rd. floods when the rain is coming down heavier than usual. We’ve seen all sorts of vehicles get flooded and stalled: offroad jeeps, trucks, and suv’s. So please go around. There are several ways to get into Mt. Gilead.

Alternative Routes to Camp
Road closed sign

Route 1: Past Forestville.

Take 116 W past Forestville.
Turn Left on Green Valley Road. (smaller sign, looks like a neighborhood street).
Turn Right at Mt. Gilead Sign.

This route does go up a small windy hill and comes back down an equally windy road.This is the most consistently available route in heavy rain.

Route 2: Harrison Grade Road

Take 116 W.
Turn Left on Graton Rd.
Continue Left on Graton Rd.
Turn Right on Tanuda Rd.
Turn Right on Du Pont Rd.
Turn Left on Harrison Grade Rd.
Continue Right on Harrison Grade Rd.
Turn Left on Green Valley Rd.
Turn Left at Mt. Gilead Sign.

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