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The following equipment is available to guest groups renting the Main Chapel. Some of this equipment is available upon request for guest groups using the Fireside Room. Outdoor sound is also available upon request. Please make us aware of  your multimedia needs before your arrival so we can best accommodate you.

Please Note: Mt. Gilead does not provide an on-site sound engineer.

Chapel Sound System

Sound Booth

  • Soundboard is a Behringer X32 Producer

  • 2 Wireless receivers (

  • Media player (Denon DN-300Z) offers connectability to CD/USB/SD/AUX/BT

  • DVD player

  • Kramer VM3-HDT Distribution Amplifier

  • Kramer VP-440 presentation switcher / scaler which offers 2 hdmi connection ports. One port is setup with an hdmi to hdmi cable, while the other is setup with an hdmi to usb-c cable. This will allow a computer, tablet, etc with either hdmi or usb-c ports to be connected to our soundboard and projectors simultaneously.

  • Furman power sequencer PS-8R

  • Lighting is powered by Elation’s DMX Operator


  • Stagebox is a Behringer SD16 

  • QSC professional power amplifier 

  • 3 Speakers overhead (QSC)

  • 2 Subwoofers (JBL JRX100 JRX118SP

  • 2 Monitors (JBL JRX100 JRX112M)

  • 2 Projectors (BenQ)

  • 2 Projector screens


Items included in Chapel

  • 2 Wireless microphones (AA batteries excluded) Sennheiser ew G4 & ew 100 G3

  • 1 Lapel mic with bodypack transmitter (Sennheiser SK 100 - ew 100 G3)

  • 6 Wired mics

  • 6 Mic stands

  • 4 Music stands

  • Several XLR cables

  • Stereo cables 3.5mm

  • Extra Ethernet cable that extends from the stage to the sound booth in case you want to bring your own soundboard and stagebox setup. 

  • 2 Direct boxes


Dining Hall Sound System

  • 402VLZ4 4-Channel mic/line mixer

  • QSC RMX 1450 professional power amplifier 

  • 2 BWX speakers inside the dining hall

  • 2 Behringer B212XL speakers outside for the dining hall deck area

  • 2 wired mics (1 inside, and 1 outside)

  • Bluetooth connectivity available

  • TV with hdmi cable


Fireside Sound System

  • Large projector screen 

  • Portable projector, speakers, etc. can be setup per request. 


Fox Den Sound System

  • Soundboard is a Soundcraft GB2R 16-Channel Mixer

  • Crown XLS1000 High-Intensity Power Amplifier 

  • JBL Control 29AV-1 Speakers

  • BENQ Projector 

  • Sony DVD Player

  • 2 Mic stands

  • 2 Music stand

  • 4 Wired mics

  • 1 Direct box


Victory Circle Sound System

  • Pyle Digital Karaoke Amplifier with BT/USB/SD/FM capability

  • 2 Pyle speakers

  • 2 wired mics


*Bringing your own equipment is permitted. We simply ask that you do not reroute, or disconnect any of our sound equipment. Tampering with our sound equipment will result in a fee. 


Potential changes for 2024

  • Soundboard is a Yamaha DM3 ultra-compact 22 channel digital mixing console (please note that you will not be able to make significant changes to our system. The screen will be left locked.)

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