NEW DATE:  SEPTEMBER 11-13, 2020


We need to be brave as Christian women in our world today.   The landscape of our culture has changed dramatically; it is almost as though we have been dropped into a foreign land.   So, how do we navigate this new landscape with a sense of confidence, direction or joy?    Join us as we look at God’s calling for His daughters living in the 21st century.

Speaker: Dawn Gould, Director of Women's Ministries at Mt. Gilead

Dawn grew up in Washington State and met her husband, Dave, at Seattle Pacific University.  They have lived at Mt. Gilead for the past 33 years and raised their three children at camp.  Dawn truly loves her job as she is able to walk beside women who find freedom in Christ and begin using their gifts to serve the Lord.  She is devoted to equipping the next generation to lead with humility, holiness and dependence on Christ. She is also devoted to being a grandma to her six-year-old grandson  Jeremiah and four-year- old granddaughter Everleigh!

The Bible is an integral part of the believer's walk with God.  How can we understand the Bible and apply it to our lives?  Join us as we learn to study the Bible for maximum impact in our lives.  “God’s word is an indispensable weapon.”  Ephesians 6:15  The MESSAGE

Pre-Conference Luncheon Theme: Our Indispensable Weapon

Pre-Conference Speaker:  Jan Wells

Jan Wells is an author and teacher of the Word of God with a depth of understanding that is rare and captivating. She is passionate about helping women understand the full cultural and historic context of Scripture while making it relevant to our current day lives. Her heart of compassion, blended with her confidence in the wisdom and love of God, provides incredible encouragement. Jan and her husband have two children and six grandchildren.


We are all about influencing the next generation  for Jesus.  We encourage you to invite your teenage daughters and granddaughters ages 13+ to attend Women's Retreat.  Teenagers must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.


Mickie Cazet - Worship Leader

Sandi King - Pianist

We are excited to have worship leader Mickie Cazet and pianist Sandi King lead us into the presence of the Lord at Women’s Retreat 2020!  Mickie and Sandi have genuine, gracious and passionate hearts that love Jesus and love serving the people He brings their way.  They are both incredibly gifted musically and they have served together on the worship team at Calvary Chapel the Rock in Santa Rosa. 

Saturday Seminars

Track 1 - 9:50-10:50

Warriors in Training

Throughout the Bible, we find one leader preparing the next generation's leader how to walk with God and how to lead with God. What does it take to be a good leader and why is it so important to be leadable?

Adria Bishop
Talitha Nielsen
Laura Strom

Refreshment for the Combat Weary

How can we keep our mind and soul renewed and refreshed while living in the world that is bursting with needs as well as selfishness and sin? Come join us as we explore God's plan for restoring and strengthening us.

Jan Wells

Indispensable Weapon Part 2

Come put into practice the Bible Study tools that were taught at the Pre-Conference Luncheon with Jan Wells. Dive into the book of Jude and learn more about this short, but timely book of the Bible.

Track 2 - 11:00-12:00

Bella Patt
Lisa Lantz

Night Watch

The scriptures that were written centuries ago are being fulfilled rapidly. What are these scriptures and how should we live in light of these truths? Grab a friend and bring your Bible as we dive into God's word together.

Makenna Overzet
Tara Feickert

Effective Prayer

Learn the power and impact of effective prayer from the Word of God. Discover God's heart for us and his desire to hear our heart in prayer. "The prayer of a righteous woman is powerful and effective." James 5:16b

Sandi King 
Mickie Cazet

The Power of Worship

Worship was quite often a part of God's battle plan in the Old Testament. Why was it important? Why does it matter today?  Join our worship leaders as they share the impact of worship. 

Saturday Afternoon Activities

Coffee Bar

Come relax in the cozy, casual Fireside Room with your buddies and enjoy some of Mt. Gilead's most mouthwatering treats, out of this world coffee and other exceptional drinks. Cost: $5

Time: 1:30-4:00

Goliath  Swing

Enjoy Gilead's Goliath 4-seater swing that raises you high above the valley floor. When you release the rope, you'll drop straight down and swing out over the field. Space is limited.

Time: 1:00-4:00


Put on your dancing shows and join us for Zumba! It's your chance to get in shape and have fun with friends all at the same time. 

Time: 1:30-2:30


Skeet Shooting

Here is your opportunity for some adventure in the great outdoors!


Time: 1:00-4:00


Art lovers...this is your opportunity! Come learn an to paint among friends. It's fun, it's relaxing and it is just for you! Space is limited to 40 participants. Cost: $15

Time: Session 1 - 1:00-2:15

            Session 2 - 2:45-4:00


Come learn an ancient and challenging skill. Test your archery skills with your friends. Space is limited to 40 participants.

Time: Session 1 - 1:00-2:00

            Session 2 - 2:30-3:30

Join Mt. Gilead's Chef Nicole Gould as she shares her soup recipes and tips that will leave your dinner guests asking for seconds.

Space is limited to 30 participants.

Cost: $5

Time: 2:30-3:30


Savory Soups!

Laser Tag

Looking for fast action fun in the woods? Grab a buddy and enjoy one of the most popular activities at Mt. Gilead...LASER TAG!

Time: 1:00-4:00

Program Fees & Lodging

Please note: All of our accommodations are furnished with bunkbeds 

Weekend program, meals + Redwood/Pepperwood Lodge

(Includes bedding and towels)  FULL                                                       $204  

Weekend program, meals + Fir Lodge

(Includes bedding, no towels)                                                                     $180

Weekend program, meals + Cabin

(No bedding or towels)                                                                                $149

Weekend program, meals + no lodging                                                   $114

Friday Night program + meals                                                                   $39

Saturday program + meals                                                                          $97

Sunday program + meals                                                                             $64

Pre-Conference Luncheon (Friday Afternoon)                                        $19

Saturday Afternoon Classes:

Painting:                                                                                                         $15

Coffee Bar:                                                                                                      $5

Cooking Class:                                                                                                $5

Weekend Schedule

Friday, September 11

11:30am........Pre-Conference Check-In

12 noon.........Luncheon - Dining Hall

1:00pm..........Worship in Chapel

1:30.................Luncheon Session: Jan Wells

2:30................Luncheon Closing

3:00...............Retreat Registration - Fireside


7:00................General Session 1



Saturday, September 12


9:00...............Worship in Chapel

9:50................Seminar: Track 1

11:00..............Seminar: Track 2


1:00-4:00.....Skeet Shooting, Laser Tag,

                      Goliath Swing & Zip Line

1:00-2:00.....Archery Session 1 

1:00-2:15......Painting Session 1


1:30-4:00......Coffee Bar

2:30-3:30.....Cooking, Archery Session 2

2:45-4:00......Painting Session 2

3:00-4:00.....Climbing Wall           

4:30................General Session 2


7:00................Pajama Party

7:30................Talent Show

8:30................Chick Flick and Snack

Sunday,  September 13


9:00...............Worship in Chapel

9:15.................General Session 3

10:00..............Silence and Solitude

11:00...............Worship, Time at the Cross,





Our heart is to give women a break and provide for them a place to rest and relax, free from their usual responsibilities. To that end, we respectfully request that little ones remain at home so that moms and others attending the retreat can fully focus on what the Lord has for them and go home refreshed and encouraged. THANK YOU!


Mt. Gilead is a Christian camp and conference center in northern California. We rent our facilities to churches and other Christian organizations. We also run summer camps for children from 1st grade-12th grade. Throughout the year, we host quality Christian programs for adults.




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