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Inside cabins


Each of our 31 carpeted cabins have four bunk beds and one double bed with mattresses on all.  These rustic cabins have electrical outlets and can be heated during the cooler months.  Portable restrooms are located throughout the cabin areas and bathroom facilities are close by.  The two cabin areas are fenced in and divided by our main road.

Capacity 310

Inside Fir Lodge - bunk beds


Fir Lodge has eight carpet rooms and four bunk beds per room and is our largest sleeping accommodation.  It is equipped with automatic heating and air conditioning and is divided by a central hall.  There are two shared restrooms, one per side.  Fir Lodge is wheelchair accessible.

Capacity:  64

Inside Pepperwood Lodge


Redwood and Pepperwood Lodges are identical in layout with the exception of a "speaker room" in Pepperwood which is furnished with a double bed and small area to relax.  All of the other rooms have two bunk beds and a sink with a mirror.  One bunk bed in each room has  double bed on bottom.  There are four private showers and restrooms in each lodge.

Capacity:  45

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