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Meet Trameka

Meet Trameka Abraham-Khathiya! She is our Office Supervisor. She started out as a part-time Office Assistant in 2018, and became full-time after that summer. She answers the phones, is the first point of contact for anyone calling the office or emailing Gilead. She is also in charge of scheduling guest retreats and registration for summer camp and events.

How has Mt. Gilead impacted you?

It’s given me a new family. I’ve had a lot happen in my life since working here, and it has shown me that I can truly rely on my brothers and sisters to be emotional support and physical support. I truly feel blessed to work here.

How do you incorporate faith into your work? Where is God in your work?

I pray a lot at this desk. I get to pray with the mail lady when she comes in sometimes! What other job can you do that at? I really appreciate that. I also appreciate the fact that we do morning devotionals as a staff in the off season and it encourages me to do devotionals on my own time. I definitely feel closer in my relationship with God while working here at Mt. Gilead.

What is your favorite part about Gilead and why?

My favorite part has always been driving onto this campus. There’s something about just coming down the driveway that makes everything that I’m worried about, stressed about, get less heavy. There’s a different air here…I can’t even describe the lightness that I feel just driving down the driveway and coming through the redwoods. I can’t feel that anywhere else.

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