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What Camp Means To Me (Staff)

Previous summer staff share what Mt. Gilead means to them personally, and how camp ministry has brought impact on their lives.

"To me Mt. Gilead Bible Camp means Change & Peace. Mt. Gilead is the place where I first accepted Christ into my heart almost 10 years ago, and the inward change gave me a sense of peace. Whenever I step onto that property it reminds me of God’s amazing creations and reminds me he created me in his image and that gives me comfort. I love seeing the change he makes in every campers heart and to observe his peace coming over them. They finally have who loves them as their own." - Michaella Bowen, Office Administrator

"Throughout my life, camp has been a vital aspect of my faith. From when I was first saved all the way into serving on leadership staff. Jesus has a unique way of meeting you in the midst of life when you’re at camp, whether that be as a camper or as a staff member. I have never felt more wholly surrendered and sweetly broken for Jesus then when I was serving in camp ministry. It is a beautiful way of giving all of you for all of Him. More kids radically encounter Christ, including myself, at camp then sometimes even in a church setting. Camp sets up the platform for Jesus to move in miraculous and powerful ways. Through both serving and experiencing camp, I have been more transformed by the power of faith and prayer then any other time in my life. I continually pray for Jesus to press into the campers and the staff in a way that changes the trajectory of their life the same way that Jesus changed mine". - Alea Baker, Leadership 2018

"Camp is a reminder of the way things are meant to be: close to God, connected with community, and reminded of nature’s beauty. It is a place that has played such a foundational role in developing my faith and identity. I hear all the time, “there is something different about this place,” and it could not be more true. It is such a refreshing time of kindling that passion for God and developing friendships around the campfire." - Braden Tavelli, Leadership 2018

"What a question. Camp has become more than just a fun summer getaway: more than fun games, or cool people, or a beautiful outdoor landscape- though it is all of those things. Mt Gilead is a place where God has touched and transformed my life in ways I would have never expected. Camp has more of a hand in my story than most people realize. I began attending summer camp here as a sixth grader, and it very easily became my home away from home. It was my safe haven as a child, and a platform for growth as an adult. God rocked my world when I was first hired here, and having Mt. Gilead come full circle back into my life is a beautiful example of God’s faithfulness. Working in the various positions I have, I gained the most incredible friends (more like family), new opportunities to use my giftings for God’s kingdom, and a space to draw nearer to God. This only scratches the surface of all the stories I have of this place and testimonies of God’s power, love, and faithfulness. If I could sum it up, God has used Mt. Gilead to grow me, take me deeper, and show me His love." - Katie Pigsley, Camp Counselor & Recreation Specialist

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