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Meet Ty

We introduce you to Ty Flora! He is our Program Director here at Mt. Gilead. He plans, hires, leads and facilitates summer camp. This summer will be Ty's 11th summer, and 9th year as full-time staff.

How has Mt. Gilead impacted you?

"Mt Gilead impacted me as a college student summer staff by deepening my walk with the Lord through serving. It has grown me as a person and developed me as a leader. It's impacted me in every way."

How do you incorporate faith in your work? Where is God in your work?

"I think that people knowing who Jesus is and how to have a relationship with him and live it out is essential in everything that we do. How we interact with each other is a great way to have the opportunity to encourage and spur one another on to be the disciples that God calls us to be."

What is your favorite part about Gilead and why?

"My favorite part about Gilead is getting to be a small part of the work that God does in the lives of campers. That’s my favorite part. Ultimately that’s what really matters. On a more logistical level, I really enjoy the variety of things we get to do. Summer is everything summer camp but then there’s a time for hiring and recruiting and planning and resting. It’s really unique."

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