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Meet Grace

We introduce you to Grace Snider! As the Assistant Program Director, she develops our summer program and creates our summer staff as well our family programs alongside the Program Director. This will be her second year as Assistant Program Director, and her sixth year on summer staff. Prior to her full-time job as the assistant, she has worked as a counselor and as a leadership member on our summer staff.

How has Mt. Gilead impacted you?

"Through working here, I have learned so much of what it looks like to serve God in my personal faith journey, and I’ve learned the context of community in learning to work with teams and just seeing campers come to know Christ. I love seeing God work in all the little details and how he uses all these pieces that go into our summer program and plans that bring his Glory through summer. I’ve learned so much about how his Kingdom works and how he uses all of us and how he changes us in that process and helps us become more like him and become better examples of him. And on a personal professional level I’ve learned a lot about myself and how to use creativity and strategic planning to ultimately, and hopefully, make the best program for campers and our staff. He’s taught me a lot about how I work as a person and a lot about how to live out my faith in this context."

How do you incorporate your faith in your work? Where is God in your work?

"I think if he's not at the center of what we do here, we’re doing something wrong. Ty [our Program Director] has been very strategic in leading us to develop our programs in a way where God is in the center of our programs. Even if were playing on the field with a bunch of kids it’s pointing the kids to the Gospel, and also if it’s a fun game or a chapel session or cabin discussion we want God to be in the center of it all. And in the off season, that looks a little different, but we wouldn’t be here if we weren’t passionate in serving the Lord in all that we do when it comes to camp."

What is your favorite part about Gilead and why?

"How do I choose one? My favorite part is seeing God work in the lives of the campers. It’s so cool when a camper comes to camp and they’re new to faith or has no idea who Jesus is and ultimately learn about God and starts a relationship with him, and at the end of the week you see them have a transformational moment with Jesus. And then there’s our staff who come out every summer and grows closer to God and allows God to use them in others and the campers. Just seeing the transformational work that God does and getting to be a small part of it is really cool."

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