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The Art of The S'more

The top of the Honey Maid Graham Crackers box is ripped open. The crinkle of the white plastic sleeve fills the air. A camper stops in their tracks. Counselors inhale deeply. The forehead of leadership begins to bead sweat. It is time. The fire blazes on, ready to perform its rightful duty of marshmallow melting. The campers sprint up to Victory Circle, and they take their place upon the wooden benches. As soon as everything is laid out, the craftsmanship begins.

We start with the foundation. It is essentially important to choose the strongest graham cracker, one that can stand the weight of the chocolate square and roasted marshmallow. When you pick a piece up, it is recommended to hold it up to the light, inspect for any cracks or unwanted sightings. If it is defective, simply slip it back into the pile heartlessly for a poor soul to grab. Once the cracker has been chosen, the chocolate is next.

If there is a gleam on the dark surface of the chocolate, if the smell is sweet and voluptuous, you have found the one. Snap off four squares, as it is the perfect amount and fits neatly within the parameters of the graham cracker.

Now, the most valued ingredient of them all. The marshmallow. Such preciseness goes into this decision. Feel around for the smoothness of the outer layer. Lightly squish it, and if it pops right up, you’ve got a beautifully airy one. After the laboring process of attaining the right ingredients, you must now assemble the s’more. This process may look different to some, so I shall take into account of the many ways to roast a marshmallow.

Roasting the marshmallow until it is a light golden brown is the most popular way. Roasting the marshmallow until the outer layer has burnt to a crisp is another acceptable way. If you want to take a risk, one that is not as common, but still leads to a delicious outcome, you may roast the marshmallow until the outer layer has burnt, and then proceed to take that layer off and lay the gooey ‘mallow onto the chocolate. Squish the graham crackers together, and you now have the perfect s’more. And that, my friends, is the art of the s’more.

What do the campers have to say?

“If it’s at victory circle it’s automatically the best s’more around.” - Ryan

“A campfire helps.” - Natiq

“Golden brown marshmallow, melts in the mouth, warm chocolate.” - Ashton

“Faith, trust, and pixie dust.” - Grace

“You gotta put a raspberry in the middle of the mallow & melt the chocolate on the cracker.” - Cameron

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