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  • When is camper drop off and pick up?
    Every day Drop Off: Will begin at 7:30AM and end at 8AM Every day Pick Up: Will begin at 5:30PM and end at 6PM
  • What do you need to pack for camp?
    - Bible - Notebook - Pen / pencil - Modest Clothes for a week - Clothes for messy games - Warm clothing / jacket - Modest one piece swimsuit - Towel - Toiletries (Sunscreen) - Camera
  • What should you NOT bring to camp?
    - iPods / mp3 players - Cell phones - Other Electronic Items - Knives - Alcohol - Tobacco - Drugs (prescription ok) - Matches - Fireworks
  • How do I pay my campers balance?
    INSERT LINK WITH bitly link
  • How do I send my camper mail?
    We hand out mail every day at meal times, please address mail as follows: Mt. Gilead Bible Camp Camper Name Session # 13485 Green Valley Road Sebastopol, CA 95472
  • What’s your visitor policy?
    For the safety of our campers and staff, Mt. Gilead has a "no visitor" policy. If there is a specific need (i.e. to drop off forgotten items), contact Mt. Gilead office during business hours.
  • What is your camper dress code?
    Tops: Tops need to cover midriff and cannot be low cut. No strapless tops. Guys are required to wear shirts at all times, except in pool area or during activities that require swimsuits. Bottoms: Shorts must be a modest length. No sagging or low-waisted pants. Swimwear: One-piece swimsuits only, no bikinis or tankinis, or speedos.
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