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Accessibility of God's Word

Last Friday, I stepped back in time for a few hours and went through the archives at Mt. Gilead. Usually, I pop in to drop off stuff, but this time I really wanted to sort through things, pare down on duplicated materials and reorganize boxes so they are easier to locate. It is amazing how much stuff you can collect when you have been operating for 57 years! But it was mind blowing to see the collection of media we have…from reel to reel recording, to VHS, cassettes, little cassettes with original footage, DVDs, slides and photos. We have all these records of events that happened at camp years ago and now, in some cases we do not have the technology on site to view them anymore. There is so much history locked in those items.

How I praise God that the word of God is not locked up or bound up and inaccessible. It is available to us 24/7 we just need to open up our Bible and we can know the thoughts and heart of God. We can know what He has done in the past through His people. We can be inspired, comforted, challenged and refreshed.

My trip to archives made me appreciate the accessibility of God’s Word and his Truth. We have been privileged in our country to have to have Bibles at our fingertips. As our nation changes, so to may the availability we have to the Word of God. I encourage you to seize the moment and cherish your time in the Word. It is a gift and privilege. We are blessed beyond what we deserve.

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