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12 Things Only Gilead Campers Understand

In the small world of Gilead, there are specific things that happen here where only those who attend understand. The outsiders will never know.

You know you're a Gileader when...

1. It's the raisins that make the raisin bran so great!

2. You blame it on the boogie

3. You have crusty pancake batter hair

4. There's McDonald's balls. McDonald's balls everywhere.

5. You've met "Calvin and Hobbes" aka Cavin and Dobbs

6. You argue if all fish are seafood

7. You wake up to random throwback songs

8. You like papayas, and you think that mangoes are sweet!

9. Croutons are life

10. You run out of chant ideas so your counselor has to make one up

11. No purpling

12. Lanyards are life

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