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Passing the Light

So a few weeks ago,

at our staff dessert night my dear husband had our summer staff take a candle and they passed the flame among themselves and then began lighting little candles on the ground outside of the Fox Den. He then explained that the 117 blue candles represented all the kids that gave their hearts to Christ and the 377 white candles represented the kids that recommitted their lives to Christ.Ya know there are very few things that really matter in life, but knowing Jesus is the most important.Praising God that 33 years ago I said, “I do” to Dave Gould and that the Lord has blessed us beyond measure with the privilege of watching God transform lives here at Gilead. We are so grateful for the amazing people we get to work alongside in ministry…the summer staff and year round staff…you humble us with your sacrifice, service and love for God and His people. Well done good and faithful servants. We love you…we thank you!

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