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What Did You Say Lord?

Ordinary Women in the Hands of Extraordinary God 

Ordinary Women in the Hands of
Extraordinary God

In April 2013, I began my usual pursuit of a women’s retreat speaker for the spring of 2014.  My search began, as it always does, with much prayer and the prayer goes something like this, “Lord, please show me the needs of the ladies that we will be serving next year.  What will they need to hear?  What words of encouragement and exhortation will they need to receive?  Lord, please show me who you want to deliver the message to your daughters.”

I prayed that same prayer many times over and the Lord began slowly revealing to me that He wanted to do a fresh work…something new….something very authentic.  He wanted to have something extraordinarily personal for each woman at the retreat.  The message wouldn’t be delivered on a silver platter, but rather something that could be grabbed, taken hold of and embraced.  After pursuing a couple of different speakers that I respected, I began feeling very unsettled…with absolutely no peace.

I began praying more and asked the Lord how He wanted the retreat to look—was I looking at the wrong model for this year’s retreat?  Show me your plan—and what He showed me left me speechless.  He said no rock stars, no professional speakers…your team will be the message.  And I said, “What did you say Lord?”  And He said, “Your team will be the message…not your team will deliver the message…but your team will be the message.”

I retorted, “But Lord half my team doesn’t like to speak publically, how will that work?”  He replied, “Your team will be the message and by the way Moses didn’t like to speak publically either and guess what? I used him anyway.  Your team will be my message of life lived humbly, honestly and in utter dependence on me.  I am not interested in performance, I am interested in my children pursuing me passionately every day and living real time.  Your team will be the message.”

Coming April 4-6, Mt. Gilead Women’s Retreat Team will be the message as we host, “Ordinary Women in the Hands of An Extraordinary God.”  Join us as we seek to pursue and glorify the Lord Jesus and see His hand in the very fabric of our everyday lives.

Contributed by Dawn Gould, Women’s Ministries Coordinator

Quilts Fir Gilead


Happy New  Year!  It’s time to start Quilts Fir Gilead for 2014.  Our first quilting bees of the new year will be Saturday January 4th and Thursday January 9th both in the Mt. Gilead dining hall from 1-5pm.  We will announce the locations of future meetings soon.  The plan is to begin by cutting at sewing the grey and yellow quilts.  please bring the usual sewing and cutting tools.  We will provide an ironing board and iron.  Please bring fabric cutting shears if you have them.

Here are the upcoming meetings:

  • Sat Jan. 4 – Mt. Gilead Dining Hall
  • Thurs. Jan 9- Mt. Gilead Dining Hall
  • Tues. Jan. 14
  • Thurs. Jan. 23
  • Tues. Jan. 28
  • Thurs. Feb. 6
  • Tues. Feb. 11
  • Thurs. Feb. 20
  • Tues. Feb. 25
  • Thurs. Mar. 6
  • Tues. Mar. 11
  • Thurs. Mar. 20
  • Tues. Mar. 25





cleardot Quilts Fir Gilead

Summer Memories


In the spring of 2006 I sat down in the snake pit behind the program office (Mt. Gilead’s copy and supply room, once actually used to house snakes). Weeks before we had decided the summer theme: a wild west retelling of the parable of the sower from the 13th chapter of Matthew’s gospel. I had worked the previous year with program intern Joe Sell to write the theme skit for Gumshoe Gilead. We had a blast putting it together then but now he had moved on and I’d be doing it on my own. I remember sitting down with a stack of blank copier paper infront of me, ready to write before it occurred to me to stop and pray (why isn’t this always our first instinct?). I asked the Lord to help me teach his Word. Not just a fun story and skit for the campers to enjoy, but something that would teach what faith looks like. Souls in need were on their way to summer camp and I wanted everything, including the theme skit, to point to the savior, the Lamb of God. I started writing and what came out was “Gilwood”, our summer story.

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