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Taught by Techies

Taught By Techies 2015 Photo for WEB

Life is moving fast these days and it is easy to get lost in the rush of information and technology. At Mt. Gilead we have been blessed with some godly young men that have come alongside me at different times and help me learn new skills to effectively use social media, sound systems, photography, videography, and computer technology for Mt. Gilead. It is a little humbling when you are the older person, but you don’t have a clue as to how to use the technology. These young men are professionals that know their trade but also have huge hearts. They want to help me learn. Their patience and kindness helps me relax and listen to their instruction. There is no eye-rolling or condescending remarks. They are my champions…my encouragers. What a great reminder of how the Body of Christ can function and glorify God.

What Do They Learn?

High School Camp 1 2015 Tuesday 008 


You’ve just sent your kid off to camp for the week and you’ve enjoyed 24 hours of quiet in your house and then it hits you….I wonder what they are doing at camp?  I wonder what they are teaching them in chapel?  Well…wonder no more.  Today, High School Camp 1 Speaker Brian Holland just delivered a simple, powerful, funny and poignant message about having a quiet time with God .  What does a quiet time look like:  Praying to God, Reading the Bible, Observing what God’s Word says, Meditating on God’s Word, Writing (or journaling), Applying it to our lives and Sharing with it others.  Together these key components of a quiet time make up the acronym  PROM WAS…something your typical teenager won’t forget..


Summer Excitement

The Girls 

Mitch and Jesse smileyAs summer inches closer day by day, the excitement seems to grow around Mt. Gilead until it’s nothing short of infectious.  With counselors arriving, the grounds crew busy at work, sweet smells of delicious food rising out of the kitchen, and prayers ascending to the Father, these grounds are ready for the coming months, and ecstatic about what God is going to do in the lives of every camper that comes out here this summer.  God is nothing short of amazing in every way, and we are expecting HIM to do amazing things out here in the next two and a half months or so.  It will be incredible.   

My family and I are getting to join in on that excitement this year being back at Gilead after 5 wonderful years in Oregon away from camp.  While it’s great to be back in our home state of California, that feeling doesn’t compare with knowing that we’re walking in the will of God, available to be used in whatever way He might see fit.  For this summer, He is using us to head up/lead the new Timothy Team leadership development programs, and we couldn’t be happier.   

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Mt. Gilead is a christian camp and conference center in Northern California. We host camps for churches and other christian organizations. We also host an annual summer camp and many other quality christian programs for adults. We started in 1963 when our summer bible camp became so popular other camp grounds had a hard time accommodating us. Mt. Gilead is located 1 hr northwest of San Francisco, California in the beautiful coastal redwoods of Sebastopol.


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