Written by Founder Dwight Jungkeit

Celebrating God’s Faithfulness to Mount Gilead
In 1963, Mount Gilead was born out of a need to provide a Christian camping facility to hold the American Sunday School Union’s (now InFaith) youth camping programs.  Founded in 1937, the ASSU camping program known as Camp Allegiance, served 20 rural communities in a 10-county area of northern California. By 1963, the facilities we were renting were no longer able to meet the rapidly growing youth camping ministry needs of ASSU.  Christian camping provided a ministry environment to teach God’s Word to boys, girls and young people with the purpose of evangelism, discipleship, fellowship and lots of fun.

God’s Leading and Provision!
God miraculously directed us to and provided the resources for the original purchase of 110 acres of a beautiful, undeveloped redwood grove. The property was dedicated to the LORD on September 28, 1963, with 300  in attendance in God’s redwood cathedral.  It was on this date, resulting from a contest that the name “Mount Gilead Bible Conference” was selected.    According to C.I. Scofield, Mount Gilead means “A HILL OF WITNESS!”  Psalm 60:7 says, “God hath spoken in His holiness…Gilead is mine.”

To keep commensurate with the growing Bible-centered programming, during the first 25 years 22 building projects were completed, and 3 additional land parcels were purchased.  To God’s praise, during those same years, 169,750 people enjoyed a Bible camping experience with 2,420 making decisions to accept Jesus Christ as their Savior.

In the year’s of Mount Gilead’s history, hundreds of volunteers, staff and board members have been faithfully providing a Christian camping experience for 10,000 to 12,000 campers each year.  As we look to the future, may God continue to provide the leadership and resources so that we might have the privilege of sharing God’s redeeming love with thousands of children, young people and adults who yet will experience the opportunity to camp at Mount Gilead.

Mount Gilead’s Purpose
Mount Gilead was founded by the American Sunday School Union, which in 1974 changed its name to the American Missionary Fellowship (and now InFaith).  AMF’s (InFaith’s) history is also the story of its future —evangelizing, discipling and congregating the yet unreached people of the United States for Jesus Christ.  Thus, the primary aim and purpose of Mount Gilead Bible Conference, Inc., is to aid and further the Christian work which InFaith is carrying on in Northern California by providing, maintaining and operating a Bible Conference Center where adults and young people may meet to study the Bible, grow in the knowledge and grace of the Lord Jesus Christ and to encourage others to know and accept Him.